Long time ...

Long time no update, but not for the lack of updates. A lot has happened! The silence was because we have been working on a new lab website, which we will launch soon.

I finally also managed to update this website fully, and there are also plenty of news to report on:

Welcome to Mariella and Chris who recently joined me as PhD student and Postdoc respectively!

All the pre-prints from last year are new published: Universality in human cortical folding across lobes of individual brains

White matter microstructural properties in bipolar disorder in relationship to the spatial distribution of lithium in the brain

Fractal and Multifractal Properties of Electrographic Recordings of Human Brain Activity: Toward Its Use as a Signal Feature for Machine Learning in Clinical Applications

Last, but certainly not least, Gabrielle has finalised her first paper, which is now available as a pre-print! Of course, we welcome any comments or suggestions.

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